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The london police started in 1998 when big english geezers headed to Amsterdam to rejuvenate the visually disappointing streets of Hollands capital. They were part of a small group of artists at the end of the last century that helped pioneer a new street art move- ment.
After a few years of mixing traveling and making art in the street TLP began to receive Worldwide recognition for their contribution to the graffiti/street art movement. They were included in many of the books documenting the scene and invited for shows and live drawing performances all over the globe.
15 years on TLP have amassed more than 100 shows and events in over 35 countries and their street work has popped up everywhere.
Since 2009 TLP has concentrated on more intense canvas work, lar- gescale mural projects and bigger solo shows in Stolen Space Gallery - London, Go Gallery - Amsterdam, Opera Gallery - New York, Helmet Gallery - Munich, Corey Helford Gallery - LA, Galo Art Gallery -Torino, Black Book Gallery - Denver, BLDG Gallery - Kentucky USA and have taken part in several group shows from Paris to Singapore.
TLP are Chaz Barrison who draws the iconic ‘LAD’ character that the crew are so well known for. The other half of the duo is Bob Gibson who draws tight portrait and architectural illustrations.
Aswell as painting the London Police also enjoy making short films, photography installations and music.




Glynn 'NOIR' Judd is a graffiti expert with over thirty years’ hands-on experience in the scene. A successful author of his much acclaimed book, Addicted To Steel, he is a regular promotional speaker at various graffiti related events across Europe. A champion for the letter form he is widely known for his lettering skills and works alongside a number of well known artist around the world. He has worked extensively for a number of councils including Croydon, Wimbledon and Muswell Hill delivering workshops for under privileged kids. The workshops enable the participants to use their artistic skills to express the problems they face on a daily basis. Glynn is a regular participant on BBC Radio with a number of debates regarding graffiti related stories and documentaries on British TV.



Rich Saenz is an Illustrator and printmaker creating from his studio in London.

He takes inspiration for his visual aesthetic from a range of subjects such as human thought, behaviour and the complex expectations of the modern world . He merges this with his love for Tribal art, Psychedelia and Semiotics to concoct a bold visual fusion of  the old and new.
His current practice focuses­­­ on subconscious human thought and feeling, how does the outside world influences our growth as individuals? To what degree are we subliminally dictated by factors around us that we may not be acutely aware of? These are designed to captivate the audience using a combination of geometry and intricate semiotics.­­­­­

As passionate illustrating for advertising, products, as he is carving bespoke woodcuts or painting large murals




I was always an artistic kid, loved drawing, sketching, and painting,
but the day i saw my mate doing an outline on paper in class it
started something very special...
That evening I was also loaned StreetSounds Electro 13, UK Fresh '86,
I was 12 years old and had just discovered a new culture that would
sculpt me into the man I am today.

I was never a "big name in the game", never smashed the streets "all
city", never hit the tubes hard, but what i did do, and continue to do
today, is "do my thing"

Graffitti has given me some of my best friends, some of my worst
enemies, and a whole heap of great times and memories, trips all over
Europe and the USA.
I'm still developing, learning, progressing, and most importantly
loving graffiti over 25 years later.

Love me, hate me, i'm here to stay, in a technicoloured blaze of style !!

Thank you Hip Hop and all the Kings 'n Queens before me who paved the
way for me to be able to express myself in the way I know best......



Peshay's rise through the drum'n'bass scene has been nothing short of meteoric. Respected worldwide for his releases on labels such as Metalheadz, Good Looking, Mo Wax and Universal Island to name but a few.His ability to produce at the highest levels and his excellence behind the decks is legendary. When he DJs, 4 minute mixes are the norm and the excitement that he generates describe Peshay perfectly.